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Nikon introduced this feature a few years ago, with D3 firmware ver. 2.0. At the time, the only thing they told us was, "AF is improved."

Still doesn't react like that. Set AF-Area mode 9pt and AF-C Tight DOF Two target on a no contrast background. Place a small target of fair contrast (camera normally has no problem locking onto) in the FOV of only the primary central sensor. Now Place a second target of very high contrast under the FOV of one of the adjacent sensors. Offset a bit so you can tell with DOF which was focused on. Now focus and take the pic. The camera will have focused on the central target. Only when it can't focus on the central target will it pic the adjacent one. I've done this setup many times when mapping my AF arrays. Perhaps it's changed with the D4/D800. Haven't seen that yet

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Yes. I agree. I have never tested this but I made the same point in another thread. Nikon should not be doing anything if the subject under the chosen AF point has sufficient contrast to achieve focus. Taking control away from the user to focus on something nearby that has better contrast is not something that any photographer would want. Only if the camera AF system cannot achieve focus with the desired subject under the chosen AF point should the camera step in.

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Mike Dawson

Unfortunately this (your last sentence) is not true, at least not with D800. Not mine, anyway.
See my response above.

If the camera is set to AF-C and S (no dyn area) it has no problem to focus on a dear, an elk, a rabbit or whatever - yet it does shift focus to a "better contrast target" when dynamic area AF is set (as explained above). This means that if your expectation is to shoot something in motion and an opportunity to catch something still arises, you have to change settings or you may be out of luck.

Moronic feature, imo.

If the camera decides it can´t focus on your chosen target it all by itself decides to focus on something else -instead of letting you know it can´t focus.

Well done, Nikon!

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