F/1.0 coming to the X Pro 1/X E-1

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Re: F/1.0 coming to the X Pro 1/X E-1

Photozopia wrote:

hexxthalion wrote:

from what i can see on the link below, it behaves exactly as I expected it to behave. Makes your FF lenses to give the same (very similar) angle of view and bokeh on your APS-C camera like if they were mounted on a FF camera, link:


Personally, I think there are differences in the images - the Canon still renders more fluid results. But again - each to their own ...

As to the f.1.0 and wider apertures envisaged by some in using this device - I'd say wafer thin focus planes and often stunning bokeh is not gonna suddenly develop in a 'vanilla' optic just because you shortened it's focal path.

Fast lenses are a product of their design - not 'created' from slower ones in a post optical process.

Nothing changes that fact.

Of course not but this is probably as close as one might get to achieve almost the same result with the same lens on FF and mirrorless APS-C body. Sure, there will be some differences but these might negligible in normal print size, on-screen results and video.

This works pretty much the same like inverted teleconverter, so it means that all problems with your FF lens might be minimised (CA for example) as the image is shrunk instead of enlarged. I like this idea a lot for landscape photography where (as we all know) there are plenty of old wideangle lenses available in the 2nd hand market but mounted on APS-C cameras they are not wide but rather 'normal'. I can wait for Nikon version to try 28mm f/2.8 AiS Nikkor lens. I remember reading and hearing a lot, people praised this lens for excellent results on D3X (FF) straight from f/2.8 and reaching pinnacle between f/5.6 - f/11 - that's all you might really need in most of the cases when it comes to landscape photography and what's even better is the use of tilt/shift lenses where as far as I know there are none developed for mirrorless cameras (sony/pana/oly/fuji).

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