Panasonic 14-140 or 12-35 mm Lens for Video?

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Re: Panasonic 14-140 or 12-35 mm Lens for Video?

Rob Donchez wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

I read a post a few months back that, if I recall correctly, complained about the way the aperture blades in the 12-35 work for video. The gist of the problem was that they're not "stepless" like those of the 14-140 - when the AE system adjusts the exposure they "step" from one discrete aperture to another, leaving a noticeable sudden small change in brightness of the resulting video.

Can anyone confirm whether my memory is actually true or not? At the time I remember thinking that this might be something fixable by a firmware update.

I recall reading something about this as well.

If that was true, then we would be seeing this behavior in some of the countless videos that have been posted already using the new 12-35mm f/2.8.  I have certainly not noticed such a thing.

Can anyone link to a sample video that demonstrates this??

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