Can anyone explain why RAW is better than JPEG?

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Re: Can anyone explain why RAW is better than JPEG?

Considering that most photos end up converted into JPEG sooner or later for the sake of uploading them on internet sites and displayed on displays that can only deal with 8 bits of colour data at best... the answer should be "it's not"

But, as it has been demonstrated in multiple articles, the wider latitude of RAW files allow them to take more processing than JPEG ones before posterization and other artifacts occur in a visible manner. Play with contrast, brightness, colour, NR, sharpening and filters&plug-ins with a TIFF 16bit image and a JPEG conversion of the same and you will quickly see the differences.

I am not going to repeat all the arguments written in this thread, but I will add that, imho, another advantage of RAW files is that, in case of a copyright dispute, they should constitute a stronger proof of ownership than JPEG files. I may be wrong and of course this may not matter much to most people... Just thought I'd throw my 2 pennies in

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