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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

Hi drj3, had skipped over this post when I replied to your second this morning before dashing off to work - apologies.  I have tried this but without any luck.  I am hoping that if there is a problem it is only a cleaning issue or the like - might just require a deeper clean than I can manage, but willl see.  You may also have read John's post pointint to the possibility of some software compatibility issues - which may be the cause of my problem or may be something else to worry about.  At least when here from the service center I should get a definitive answer as to whether or not my hardware is OK.

drj3 wrote:

I do have the Nikon Coolscan V ED. It has worked without serious problems for years. It is occasionally a little difficult to get it to take a film strip, but it always takes it on the second try. I think that you probably have a problem with the sensor that detects the film and that sometimes when you insert the film the wrong way, it trips the sensor. Have you tried simply compressed air to blow out any dust. I am not sure whether the sensor is mechanical (could just be sicky after sitting) or a photodetector (could be dusty). The fact that it sometimes works would seem to imply that it is a film detection problem and the fact that it sometimes works, implies that it is probably not a serious problem. There is a large difference in quality of scan if you put the film in upside down.

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