Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

Thats interesting John.  For someone reason I skipped over this post this morning and have just now sent my scanner off for service/repair which might be unesesary if it is a software issue - though it would be nice to know if it is working OK.

I did email Hammick on Saturday to see if they could suggest anything when I was having my problems (using Viewscan).  I got a very quick response addressing the "which way to insert the film issue" (suggesting it probably didn't matter - which matches your experience) but no suggestion that they were aware of any software issues with Viewscan/Coolscan in their case (which doesn't mean they don't exist of course).

I am at work right now and not in front of my hme computer but that runs OSX Lion (10.7.5 I believe) so have not been able to try the Nikon Scan software.  I am about to order a new Mac which will come with Mountain Lion.  Whatever else happens I am going to have to rely on Vuescan on Silverfast - preferably Vuescan for cost reasons (I inted to scan to TIFF and tweak in photoshop elements anyway, so probably do not need all the sophistication Silverfast offers).

Look forward to hearing how you get on.


johnpeeay wrote:

Update, just been scanning using my Coolscan hooked up to my old Apple G5 with Nikon Scan software running under Mac OSX 10.4.11. Scanner working perfectly every time, recognising strips and generating previews exactly as it should. This points the finger at the interface between scanner and Silverfast when using Mac OSX 10.8. I have emailed support at Silverfast about the problems I was having last night and now await their reply.

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