About Olympus and abandonment.

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Drumbeat is positive feedback.

Bernard au Clairvaux wrote:

Im only looking to bring some positvity to all of this. At present I am content with my stuff, as it is much better at taking pictures than I am, LOL.

As I have said, I think Oly should really really try and keep their promise. I would prefer an E7 but will certainly take a well made larger m4/3 camera if it balances well and focuses the existing lenses at least as well as we are used to. It can even have a separate grip as long as it's well integrated and well made.

At present, I look at the m4/3 lenses, and kinda think they can be quite expensive. To me it puts the HG lenses in perspective as far as price and quality go. I never really considered them way overpriced. So when I bought a panny Lieka 25mm 1.4, I did it with the idea that it focused pretty fast on the m4/3 camera with adapter. And If I were buying the OM-D that very same day I still would have bought the 4/3 version.

So Lets see what happens.. If you can wait it out, do so and if not ..... than don't.

But beating the drum so negatively is exhausting.

Best Regards, Bernard

Please see the positive: if no one complained, Olympus would not have the input/incentive they may need to do the right thing.  Starting with a clear statement. This is something that they seem to need. There are too many other options out there fro them to just ignore a core group.

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