need opinion from anyone who switched from 1DS3 to 1DX

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Re: need opinion from anyone who switched from 1DS3 to 1DX

I made exactly that swap last October and sold the 1Ds3.  The 1DX is better all round and I'm also glad I sold the 1Ds3 mainly for two reasons - it gave me a bit of money to offset the cost of the new camera, and in my view the 1DX is so much better in all aspects that I don't think I would have used the 1Ds3 had I kept it and I don't have the need for 2 bodies.

One of the features I use a lot is the custom functions on the 1DX.  I have one set up for "normal" photography, one for sports which uses high frame rate and the focus button on the camera body and one for manual which I use for landscapes - it's like having 3 cameras in one body.

The only minor criticism - and I'm being really picky here - is that the auto ISO function is neither well explained in the manual or well implemented.   For example you can set a minimum shutter speed when you're on Auto ISO but it's just 1/250 sec.  If I'm shooting sports I would like it to be way more than that at say 1/1000 sec.  Of course you can easily get round this by manually setting your ISO - the performance at higher ISO speeds is way ahead of the 1Ds3.

Auto focus is brilliant and the whole camera is just streets ahead of anything else I've tried - no regrets in making the change at all.

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