Just pre-ordered X100s on Amazon.co.uk

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Re: Just pre-ordered X100s on Amazon.co.uk

S003D wrote:

Anthony_in_SF wrote:

I was surprised to see such a price difference between the UK and US (why would there be a significant one at all?), and then (like others) saw the list of included items. What strikes me as odd is I'm assuming Fuji's not putting together this package...and, knowing Amazon, I wouldn't think they'd create it on their own. Curious to hear more when you get the details.

That's the exact same difference there always is. If it costs $1200 USD in the US it will cost £1200 GBP in the UK. Same with Nikon, Canon and all other manufacturers. The problem is that £1200 translates to $1,935.90 USD. That's the difference between buying in the US and buying in Europe. That's why we have so many grey market products that were purchased from outside of the EU.

What an absolute rip off.   How anyone pays such prices is beyond me.  Being raped like that repeatedly would take all the fun out of this hobby for me.

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