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Re: X20--Hi Max

Thanks heaps Gary, from day one the X Series was inevitably going to have teething problems, Fuji were asking a lot of themselves with so much new and varied technology all presented as premium. To their credit, they delivered on every shortfall, moreover they seem to be holding nothing back in a determined effort to be the very best.

By gen III or IV of each x-series model they will likely be in an unbeatable position - very reminiscent of their fearsome film battle with Kodak and Agfa. The x10 represented tremendous value and that benefit looks likely to be extended even further with the x20.

As for EXR, someday the on board processor will be powerful enough to include it back into the equation along with the BSI X-Trans - that will be really something special to look forward to.

...and dare I say it, the Fujifilm next gen sprayed on total light absorbing full coverage pixel sensor will be astounding. The patent has been filed, many mice say it cant be done, we'll have to wait and see. lol

Your ratbag Ozzie mate.

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