Where were you in the '90s?

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Re: Where were you in the '90s?

rattymouse wrote:

Lots of newcomers to this forum in the past 2 years. All loudly proclaiming how wonderful FUJIFILM is. The color, the dynamic range etc. This leads one to ask, where were you during the 90's when Fujifilm was making very competitive SLR's early on that ran toe-to-toe with CaNikon? Reviews here at DPR of the FUJIFILM S1 and S2 are extremely positive and showed that they were a MAJOR player in the move away from film to digital SLRs.

Why did it take the X series to get you to FUJIFILM?

Why was CaNikon your SLR of choice over FUJIFILM?

I've started with Nikon in late 90ies. It was F70.

So I bought many lenses - good ones as well (that time I was living in Taiwan, cheap gears).

Then I changed to F100 and F5 - lenses still stay with me.

Then my first digital was... S2 Pro. Why? Because of all these lenses (and Metz 54). And that time D100 was ... lower IQ than S2 Pro (at least according to internet). So I decided to go for S2 Pro instead of D100.

I used it for 6 years then ordered D700 (2009). Still with the same lenses (flash had to be changed).

So I can say I'm Nikon system based but with Fuji history as well. I was very happy with S2 Pro. 6 years, thousands of pictures.

Of course D700 is another level but lenses stay the same.

When the time came I bought X100 NOT TO REPLACE D700 but as supplementary equipment.

So what is now in my case? DSLR is Nikon while small camera is Fuji X100.

I thought about changing D700 with X1Pro - no, thank you. Too many $ spent on Nikon lenses and no need to go for smaller equipment - even well equipped X1Pro cannot replace D700. And well equipped X1Pro is not really smaller/lighter than D700.

And X100 is not to replace DSLR...

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