R3000 vs R3880

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Re: R3000 vs R3880

Definitely a nice problem to have.

For me, personally, I'd have the R3000 on eBay in a heartbeat.  Reasons being...

  1. Pretty dramatic increase in print size with the 3880.  It's a thing of beauty to make a 16x20" print.  But also to print 12x18/13x19 while maintaining a healthy fine art style border.  Just overall more flexibility in print sizes (lack of proper roll paper capability notwithstanding).
  2. More economic cost/mL for ink.  Hurts when you buy the cartridge, but do it less often.
  3. Not too much of an increase in footprint to achieve above.

That said, if space is at an absolute premium and/or you demand a non-jerryrigged roll paper attachment for panos then you have a great machine in the R3000.  The only negative other than those (situational) aspects is that the 3880 does suffer from "pizza wheel" marks on some prints based on the roller design it uses to keep the paper down.  Some see it more than others, but it's a recognized issue with the printer.  Not sure if the 3000 has the same type of transport.  That aside image fidelity would be the same.

Congrats on the win.

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