Darn! A dust bunny after 3 years on my D300s!

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Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery
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Re: Darn! A dust bunny after 3 years on my D300s!

TOF guy wrote:

Rockwallaby wrote:

Your post brought a smile to my face Jim. There are so many posts in the Nikon forums about how people "need to" clean their sensors regularly.

You must be talking about the D600 being prone to dust and / or oil coming from the inside of the camera.

Like you, fingers crossed that we will get the same level of performance from the D400.

It's a problem specific to the D600. The D800 does not do that. I hope Nikon has learned its lesson with the bad rap it's getting with the D600, and it won't let this ever occur again in a new camera.

I thought the same, but after 5k photos it appeared a really fat one that did not disappear with dry cleaning, blowing or vacuum, I had to clean it with wet cleaning. (@ top right)

The top left one is a seagull

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