Pluses and minuses of 5DIII vs. 6D???

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KENTGA wrote:

Are the 6D images that much better then the 7D? Please explain in detail and if all photos or in certain instances.



At low ISOs there isn't much difference. But the real power of the 6D over the 7D is in high ISO, low light photography. I have been testing my 6D and 7D over the last few days and have noticed a big difference not only in the amount of noise the 6D can control (excellent, even at 6400) and just how painfully bad the 7D is in higher ISO environments. Anything above 400 on the 7D needs NR applied IMHO, and above 1600 in most low light situations the images are all but unusable.

That being said the 7D takes excellent images in good light, just like the 6D. But if you value low light photography or use higher ISOs in your shooting, the 6D is the one to have. The noise is more like film grain than digital noise, and it isn't as harsh and blotchy as the 7D's noise.

Plus the 6D has the expansion down to ISO 50 while the 7D can only go as low as 100. Not a big deal to most, but it is a little bonus.

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