need opinion from anyone who switched from 1DS3 to 1DX

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Re: need opinion from anyone who switched from 1DS3 to 1DX

Alekhine wrote:

I am about to sell (reluctantly) my 1Ds mark III to buy a 1DX.

I do weddings as a job and also have a MKIV, but landscape is my true love.

At first when the 1Dx came out I didn't want to upgrade but the 1Ds3 buffer is very limiting. I only make photojournalism so no posed photography, that's why I decided to switch.

Another feature that I currently miss both on the 1Ds3 and the mkIV is the lack of joystick in portrait mode.

But again, I really love the files from my 1Ds3 when shooting landscape, so I'm looking for opinion from someone who upgraded.

Having read all the reviews on the internet it seems that the IQ from the 1DX is the best but I also heard from someone who own it that it's not so impressive as the 1DS3.

Please share your thoughts... I've someone knoking at my door for the 1DS3!

Thanks in advance!


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Not right or wrong move.... if you do wedding as a job, I wonder why you would consider a 1Dx instead of a 5D3 or two... just like you said you make pj and no posed photograghy.... and you were disappointed there are no joystick in your 1Ds3..... while you love the files from your 1Ds3....

What you are having now is GAS.... not what you really need my friend.... if you need a cam for wedding... go 5D3

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