best external monitor for retina macbook?

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Re: best external monitor for retina macbook?

zenkizero wrote:

so you think that the thunderbolt display is best option for the price, for editing on photoshop when connected to a rmbp?

I have had this argument with a lot of my colleagues over which is better the thunderbolt or the dell ultra sharp.  I program web apps. I have an older 15" Macbook Pro (2010) that I wanted to get a larger monitor (the 15" screen wasn't enough real estate). My Macbook doesn't have a thunderbolt port, so I am unable to use the new 27" Thunderbolt monitor. This was a bit disappointing to me as I was hoping to have a solid hardware upgrade path for my next Macbook Pro purchase. My only option (with Apple) was to buy the 27" Cinema display - which is compatible with my current Macbook. Both the Cinema Screen and the Thunderbolt screen cost the same ($999) which is annoying. The older tech should be cheaper, but it isn't (that's Apple).
A friend of mine told me to check out the Dell 30" UltraSharp. I spent about 3 weeks pouring over as many pictures and reviews as I could. I debated for a long time on the choice between this monitor and the 27" Apple Cinema Display. I figured, for a couple hundred more I could get a higher rez IPS monitor (the Dell) and accept and/or deal with any screen annoyances I would encounter.
So far, this has been the best monitor I have ever owned. The screen is amazing, the colors are amazing, and I can do my work the way I have always intended. My Macbook has no issue porting the highest resolution. It runs flawlessly. The monitor comes with every cable type you can imaging. However, it doesn't come with a displayport to mini-displayport. You will have to buy a cable (or an adapter) for that separately. I bought a Accell B119B-007J UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable and it works perfectly.
If you are looking for a large monitor, you cant beat the quality of this amazing Dell. I won't hesitate to buy another if I have the need in the future.

Read all the reviews and decide for yourself....

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