Help!!! Can someone please tell me how to set up a Canon 7D with 2 Yongnuo YN-560 and Yongnuo RF-603

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Re: Help!!! Yongnuo YN-560 and Yongnuo RF-603

The YN-560-II or YN-560EX are hot-shoe flash units with manual power control only - no E-TTL II.  You do not want to use the built-in flash with it set to E-TTL II.  You want to use the built-in flash in the Manual Flash Mode.

See page 115 of the 7D copyright 2012 manual on flash modes and page 119 on how to set the flash mode.

There are two ways to trigger the YN-560 flash units off-camera.  The first is by means of their built in optical slave trigger.  This is what is happening now since you are using either the built-in flash or the one of the flash units on camera.

If you wish to fire the YN-560 units optically then use the built-in flash set to manual flash power mode and set the YN-560s to Flash Mode S1.  If you don't want the camera flash to contribute a significant amount of light to the exposure start with it set to 1/64th of full power.

1/64th of full power for the built-in flash is strong enough to fire the off-camera flash units indoors.  Outdoors you may need to increase the built-in flash power to get reliable triggering of the off-camera flash units.  You can also increase the power of the built-in flash if you want it to act as a fill light.

I suggest you start with the off-camera flash set to 1/4 of full power then you can adjust its power up or down as necessary.  Using the camera's Highlight Alert is a good way of judging the exposure.  Pick out a white object that the subject has or give them a white handkerchief or a white sheet of paper and adjust the power of the off-camera flash until the white object just starts to blink, then reduce the power by 1/4 to 1/3 stop and you are at the correct exposure.

You should also note that when using the off-camera flash units with optical triggering you need to aim the front of the battery compartment portion of the flash at your camera - the optical sensor in in the front of the body of the flash - so it can "see" the flash from the camera.  The head of the YN-560-is then rotated and tilted to aim it at your subject.

The other way is to mount one of the RF-603s as a transmitter on the camera hot-shoe.  Mount one of the off-camera YN-560s on the second RF-603, which is set up as a receiver.  The YN-560 should be set to Flash Mode M.  Start with this flash set to 1/4 of full power and be ready to adjust the power up or down as necessary.

If you want to use the second YN-560 at the same time then position it so that the front of this flash can be aimed at the YN-560 that is mounted on the RF-603 then rotate the flash head to aim it at the subject.  Set this second Yn-560 to Flash Mode S1 and it will be triggered by the built-in optical slave.

I suggest you read this review of the YN-560 and study the manual.  If you didn't get a manual then you can download one from Yongnuo - the link to the PDF version is at the bottom of the page. | Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II Manual Flash (new upgraded ‘mark II’ version)

I also strongly suggest you buy a copy of Syl Arena's excellent tutorial book and watch his free B&H TV video tutorials.

Syl Arena - Speedliter's Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites (9780321711052)

Syl Arena - B&H - Getting The Most Out Of Canon Speedlites

Syl Arena - B&H - Canon Speedliting with Multiple Flashes

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