Know Digitalcamerabattery packs, I have a ?

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Re: Know Digitalcamerabattery packs, I have a ?

John M Roberts wrote:

A few years ago I purchased one of the battery packs for my Canon 580EX. I'm now mostly using Nikon and would love to know if I can find an adaptor cord out there made for this unit DCB40WB to be compatible with my Nikon SB900. This company has been off the map for some time but thought maybe someone out there may have some ideas.

The system seemed good and it's too bad they went under. A lesson taught not to buy expensive items from startups which I know makes it tough from entrepreneurs.

I may just get a slave adaptor to use it on manual for an added light.


Is it a high voltage pack or a DC battery replacement? If it's a DC battery replacement you could probably fashion "dummy batteries" to go in place of AA cells. I made a set of those out of household fuses that were the right size many years ago, to power a different battery operated flash. You could also no doubt use wooden dowels with electrical contacts wired to the ends. You have to figure out where the positive and negative leads connect to the battery. Usually its at the first and last cell, in the interior of the flash.

You would need to carve a small hole in your battery door for the power leads to connect to your dummy batteries.

Something else I did on a very old Nikon flash (An SB-17, if memory serves) was to take it apart and solder in a power jack. That was a very fussy modification, however. Finding room in the case for a panel mounted power connector was a challenge, as was getting the flash back together afterwards. You also need to take EXTREME care when opening up a flash. Even after several days with the batteries out, the capacitors in a flash can hold enough charge to badly burn or even kill you. If you expose the power capacitor you have to take special steps to discharge it, using a high ohm resistor and special long, insulated clip leads.

Once that mod was done I could hook the flash to a 6 volt lantern battery and shoot all day without changing batteries, and with very fast recycle times. (Taking care not to overheat the flash by shooting too fast for too long)

If the Digital Camera Battery is a high voltage pack then the problem is much harder. They should have sold leads to fit Nikon flashes as well as Canon, and I think the high voltage port is still the same on the current generation of Nikon flashes as it has been forever (since at least the SB-28, or perhaps longer.) I bet you could find the adapter cable on EBay, and cheaply at that.

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