Anyone been to Cosa Rica?

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Sent you an email, too

Hi Jim - just sent you an email (thanks Dave!).  Hopefully it helps!

A couple of points I didn't address in the email is regarding photography (conditions, technique, etc.).

I used the E-3 and 150/2 + EC20 for the majority of my wildlife photography.  I used fill flash (FL-50R) in both TTL (when possible) and FP-TTL when 1/250s wasn't possible.  My preference for flash use on this trip was to shoot based around the sync speed - 1/250s - and modify settings from there.  Inside the rainforest the lighting varies quite significantly (5 stops or more) and it's necessary to change flash settings for just about every shot.  I shot at 1/250s and adjusted the ISO and/or aperture to match the guide number (subject distance).

When 1/250s wasn't possible due to ambient lighting, I switched to FP-TTL and ISO100 and hoped for the best.  For most of my photography I found that anything faster than 1/1000s and I wasn't able to use fill effectively with FP-TTL.  YMMV.

Animals are most active (present) in the very early early morning.  If you're shooting mostly animals, expect to wake up before dawn, meet your guide, and arrive at the location right after dawn for the most animal activity.  Rare birds and monkeys fall into this category.  Many monkeys and sloths can be seen at all times of the day.

In some national parks they "don't allow you to use flash," though in my experience you just keep your flash in your pocket and put it on once you've started your rainforest walk.  They claim it harms the animal's eyes, well, it doesn't unless you're shooting at 1/1 power at 5ft.  Considering most of the animals are barely seen at 300mm, any flash power you choose is not going to do them harm.


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