Canon 24-70 f/4 L-IS better than my previous 24-105

Started Jan 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 24-70 f/4 L-IS better than my previous 24-105

Congrats on the new lens!

I'm also interested in this lens as a (relatively) compact standard zoom in a FF setup.
So, any impressions are appreciated.

How is the handling of this lens? Does it feel more compact? Even though the lens is smaller than the 24-105L, some users are saying that handling is very similar to the 24-105L.

Do you use it with a FF camera - and how is the handling of the camera + lens combo.

Also, how do you find the sharpness at 50mm @ F4.
It appears that this focal length & aperture are the weakest spot of this lens.

Finally, have you tried the macro mode for portraits?
I'm expecting that in macro mode, bokeh should look as if it's from a faster lens, basically.

Thanks in advance.

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