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Re: moire in DX mode: D800E versus D800

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The common practice of most manufactures is to equip a 16MP sensor with a AA filter. But D800E in DX mode is a 15MP camera with no AA filter. Are there any extra moire concerns (or other aliasing effects) when shooting D800E in DX mode??

It will be no different than in FX mode.

Surely, aliasing effects will be different in DX and FX mode. For the same scene you have different spatial sampling frequencies.

I don't see why. DX is just a crop of FX, either in camera or in post process.

If you take a crop of an image framed using the whole 24x36 frame, then the moire is either there in the FF shot or not - but if you're framing the (same) image as a DX image to begin with, your image has 15.3 megapixels compared with 36 megapixels in FF mode. You are therefore more likely to get moire in DX mode than in FF mode, because your image will have less than half the pixels. That is what Leo360 is referring to.

This is where he was not being clear with his original post.

However, the pixel pitch is the same for either 36Mp or 16Mp, therefore the only thing that is altered is the magnification of said image. So, whilst the moire is the same, it may become more evident as you are viewing the DX portion of the D800 image on a larger scale. That is my point.

If you look over the K5IIs IR samples vs. the D800E IR samples, you'll see that the K5IIs has moire in the lower right of the "Proportional Scale" wheel, while the D800E does not. Less pixels = greater chance of moire when you don't have an AA filter.


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