And 2013 is off to a great start!

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Re: And 2013 is off to a great start!

Same here, great start to the year! A NYT article, two magazine covers, one part of a 11 page feature that paid nearly 5K. Finally got a big publisher for my book. Did a show of silver gelatin prints and sold half of the pieces that went from $800-$2,300 each. Have two commercial jobs lined up this month at 3 days each for *big* day rate / buy outs.

Started doing weddings this year too, two booked, all I can handle really. They are limited edition shot on uber rare infrared medium format B&W film hand printed in a real darkroom, once the film runs out, the edition is finished. As the edition sells out, the price goes up, just like any great fine art does. The digi-nerd has to work his rear end off and gets his 2K, all good, keeps me out of digi-junk which I don't really care for anymore. I shoot for about 2-3 hours, soup it in my Jobo, hand print it and collect my check. First one went for 11K, second for 16K, I have enough film to do about 10 weddings, should be really lucrative and my agent is getting my name out to some celebrity publicists, ought to be real nice.

So yeah, great year thus far!

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