How to stop ISO from going to a setting by mistake

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Re: How to stop ISO from going to a setting by mistake

ttan98 wrote:


I setup myself a habit of every time I take out my Nex camera, I view most settings in my camera that includes ISO, etc, it takes about 10-15 secs, that way I know what settings I have and can change them when I need to for variety of shots.

This is what I do as well.

This camera is a nightmare for people who change settings frequently (panorama, astro-photography etc). What would really be welcome are presets that you can save and label yourself to put the camera back into a known state quickly.

Until then: Most of the features that I frequently change, like WB, creative styles/picture effects, RAW on/off and HDR are on the custom menu (button next to release button).

Others are available through the custom key (flash mode, metering, MF/DMF, AF area, face detection).

Then there are the normal function keys for Mode, flash compensation, exposure compensation, drive mode,

These 2 cover the entire CAMERA menu item.

Some other things like AF illuminator, Auto_review, Steadyshot, beep, long exposure and high ISO noise reduction etc must be found in the menu. Once you have done that a couple of times, you can check your camera state in 30 seconds. Clicking through everything quickly.

Although I like my NEX-7, I would sell it without thinking twice for an equivalent camera that can save presets. The NEX-7 makes me paranoia! =;-)

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