Building a new PC for Lightroom - what do I need?

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Re: Building a new PC for Lightroom - what do I need?

Ho72 wrote:

ArtMar wrote:

Unfortunately, an HDD can fail without warning as well (I speak from experience). Utilities such as SSD life (pro) that monitor the "health" of the SSD can offer some measure of reassurance.

HDD failures without any sort of warning are pretty rare, at least in my experience. Over at the XtremeSystems, where they're pushing SSDs to fail for endurance testing purposes, SSDs have died without generating any SMART errors or warnings.. Note also that none of them have failed in the much-heralded "read only" mode. They just died -- no data was retrievable.

Bottom line is: backups are essential because all drives die eventually, some more gracefully than others.

Wiser words were never spoken.

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