Nikon F5 Film Camera and Lens Question.

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Re: Nikon F5 Film Camera and Lens Question.

AofA wrote:

OK. i will. thanks again everyone. this site is great.

Just to reiterate, your guru may have been confused at the need to move the indicator on the physical aperture ring on the older style AF lenses at aperture f/22 to use it in various auto modes. The camera will still use all of those f-stops on the F5, but you aren't going to use the physical aperture ring to do it, you would use the dials on the body. The G style lenses absolutely work on the F5 no problem and since they don't have a physical aperture ring, there is no need to set anything, it will just work. I know this 100% for sure because I have used several of my G lenses on an F5.

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