Retailer goes into direct competition with his customers - what do you think.

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BAK wrote:

I wonder how many London area photographers have gone into the store, played with equipment, and then ordered it from B&H or Adorama in New York, or even Henry's or Vistek, to save even lesss than $10.

Or bought directly from Canon. Or will buy directly from Nikon.

And I do know that Canadian retailers make very little when they sell a camera or a lens. Money is made in accessories.


Exactly. People b%tch about the camera stores going under, but the people doing the complaining helped put them there.

Back to the OP and the question - Been going on for years. There was a camera store run here years ago by 2 wedding shooters. They didn't mix their retail and shooting business. Yes they had business cards available for wedding services, but they were kept on the end of the counter and they were never actively passed out to customers. But that was back in the day when skill was actually required unlike the hoards who are now buying point & shoot DSLRs expecting to make their gear money back.

And then you also have the tons of shooter/bloggers acting as a third party for gear referrals. I wonder how many of them actually own all of the cameras that they "review". Want to explore ethics? Look there. How many are reviewing and "recommending" via a spec sheet alone? Several that I know of.

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