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Re: I am not claiming

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Do you seriously claim that "the rest of the industry" did undercut Foveon solely to hinder Foveon on the market?


Your one word replies are quite annoying.


What do you know?

Enough. In fact, more than enough.

What cameras did Canon ans Nikon undercut SD9 ... SD10 and SD14 with?

Moreover, exactly the same event can be described in several ways, depending on your point of view.

Maybe the tasty SD9 and SD10 forced them to put a slightly lower price on some cameras ... maybe. Thats not the same as the deliberately plans to sabotage for Foveon.

Moreover - lets say you are right. They did try to sabotage Foveon by lowering prices. Just for the sake of argument. Do you really think the Sigma would have been in good situation after SD9, SD10 and SD14? I mean --- when Sigma at last made the first really working/unproblemetic SLR, SD15, then it was quite outdated. No need for Canon and Nikon to care then.

With the exception of your correctness point, none of the above.

And this is not something I am going to discuss in a public forum.

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