Pop up flash mods!

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Re: Pop up flash mods!

foody1000 wrote:

I found this trick to be VERY effective and convenient in keeping the flash in the "bounce" position. There are 2 metal hooks that lock the flash in place when the flash is in the "closed" positiion. Cut a small trapezoid (with 0.5 inch base) from a piece of hard plastic (like an old credit card), and wedge it between the hooks and the front of the flash compartment. There is a little raise line that keeps the plastic in place. Look at the flash compartment and you'll know what I mean. I found that the ping pong ball messes with the white balance and it's also hard to take the ball with me without crushing it in my pocket. I this this is a more convenient solution. Good luck.

I found that a good way to prop the flash up with those metal hooks is simply using a paper clip. Un-bend the paper clip so it forms a 90 degree corner with a straight pick on on side and the round (still bent) part on the other. Stick the straight part under the two hooks so it lock the flash in place.

Probably similar to the toothpick method except a bit more sturdy and you have a little handle to easier take it out or prop it back in. After trying it though, I've decided that I'd rather do it with my finger...I am a little worried about messing up the pop-up mechanism and just don't feel like propping it every time...just a fair warning.

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