Caution ! Dynamic AF versus single point AF... !

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Dynamic for BIF actually OK?

rayman 2 wrote:

Brandon birder wrote:

just Tony wrote:

yray wrote:

Does D800 work the same way too?


And the D7000 where this behaviour was first noticed.

I wonder whether this is a new focussing algorithm which Nikon has been using with it's high resolution sensors or whether it is a function of the effect of high resolution on the pdaf sensors themselves.

The D800 does the same. I came from a D7000 and so was familiar with this, avoided it and have had no focussing issues at all.

I only use dynamic for birds in flight and use AFC single point with afon for everything else.

Cheers, BB
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Yes ! Its due to the higher density of the AF sensor and not the image sensor...

In case of birds in flight you would probably be best served with AF-C and 51 points...

The manual of the D4 also expressedly says so...

The more unpredictable the movement the more points you´d use...

Let's say that you initiated the focus on the head of the bird. If the camera makes a different choice, say the wing base or the tail, I'm guessing that would spoil the shot.

So, for those who have used dynamic for BIF, does it just work in your favor anyway?


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