Jessops Plc go into liquidation but shops stay open.

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Re: Jessops Plc go into liquidation but shops stay open.

mikew5163 wrote:

Seems you were right to pick out HMV as being vulnerable - looks like they are next for the chop (see BBC news homepage).

Ahh yes ... sadly - it does look as if HMV may go the way of others. Yet another company that failed to realise - and capitalise - upon it's strengths ... before internet start-ups took away their business!

My kids gave me £25 of HMV vouchers for Xmas ... like a scene from Back To The Future on the 27th Dec ... as my car left flaming tyre tracks, such was my rush to translate it into 7-8 DVDs (sale prices!) before they went bust!

I've been predicting their demise for over a year now (a fate delayed only by a restructuring of creditor finance) that looks as if it's now run it's course ....

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