Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

Just spent last hour or so fiddling with Silverfast. Problems. Had a strip in the scanner from earlier on today so scanned a frame saved it, took out the filmstrip turned it over so emulsion side was up, chose same frame, scanned it. imported each into Photoshop and couldn't tell the difference between scanning emulsion side down and emulsion side up.

Chose another filmstrip. Loaded into scanner ok BUT Silverfast would not update the thumbnail images and then froze.

Tried again and again, tried ditching preferences, even have uninstalled and reinstalled the demo version but still cannot obtain proper thumbnail images for the filmstrip. There appears to be very dark negative like images visible in the preview, not good enough to pick which one you want to scan and when you click on ok you either get a scan of the first frame in the filmstrip or the application freezes!!!

I can still scan slides ok. Tomorrow will hook up the coolscan to my old G5 and check that the scanner hasn't developed a fault. Could be of course that this software is a bit buggy with Mountain Lion OS.

Not very encouraging news tonight for you I am afraid.

John Archer


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