Another V1 high ISO portrait

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Re: Another V1 high ISO portrait

vkyr2 wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

vkyr2 wrote:

Due to the chosen ISO 3200 from the V1 and the f1.8 it looks bright, maybe brighter than it finally was there on location.

No, the image is not bright "due to the chosen ISO 3200" but due to overexposure. It seems like if her face was not in focus and you had wrong metering mode. The camera chose her dress to meter from, and the black dress confused the meter, which is normal for any camera and is a disadvantage of reflected light metering. Spot metering off her face would have worked better for these high contrast images. Also, be careful about the WB, it is also wrong.

As said before WB is not the problem here and nearly correct, it's pretty fine and matches the given colors under those conditions there. But it's right that such high contrast scenes do cause metering problems instead. The V1 under such high contrast conditions often refuses to get a AF at all, even spot metering will not give you the desired result and instead trouble the cam more to hunting for a focus but not being able to focus. So in such situations you have to try and error metering and let it's AF decide where it can get finally a AF on, otherwise you will loose that momentary shot completely.

In comparison with the D7k the V1 is more or less a bad performer under such indoors more contrast rich situations and overall doesn't meter as accurate here. Even though the faster 18.5mm lens makes things for the V1 slightly better here, it is still far away from being a quick and accurate performer under such conditions.

Yes, the V1 is a loser compared to the D800 also, but never the less, I disagree. In your images the light is good enough for accurate and snappy focusing with the V1. I have however heard that there might be some problems with the 18.5 lens, and since I don't have that, I can not say anything about it. Using the 10-30 wouldn't have been a problem there regarding focus accuracy and speed, and with that lens I definitely don't have any overexposure problems.

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