GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

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Re: GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

Part two

Switching the exposure metering allows more fine grained control of flash exposure.   The TTL tries very hard to avoid over exposed areas.  So if you're shooting with a window or a bright light in the room, it'll stop sending flash output as soon as the brightest spot of the frame is fully exposed (no huge surprise).

The spot exposure is very effective at telling it to ignore the bright things and expose for a specific subject.  This didn't work well on the g3 for me, so it's a nice change.

I thought I'd hate the touchpad AF, but it's actually perfect for adjusting focus points and aiming the spot exposure when you are using the EVF.  You can slide the focus spot around without taking the camera away from your face, and I haven't yet hit it by mistake.


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