the final 36 photos taken with Kodak's legendary Kodachrome film

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Last roll manufactured, not last Kodachromes ever shot...

These photographs were created and developed months before Dwayne's shut down on the last roll that Kodak had come off of the coating line, they are not the last Kodachromes to be shot.

The last roll of Kodachrome ever to be shot was on January 17th, 2011 at around 12PM by another photographer who is doing a large book, this happened in Kansas about an hour before they shut the line down for good. This photographer shot over 35,000 Kodachromes from 2006 to 2011, some 800 after McCurry turned in his roll to Dwayne's in the Summer of 2010.

McCurry shot the last roll of Kodachrome film ever to be made, not the last roll.

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