Do you think the image of SD14(SD15/DP1/2) is cleaner than that of SD1m(DP1m/2m) ?

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The lack of white marred by green/magenta foveon splotches?

Laurence Matson wrote:

Am I missing something? Are these 100% crops?

Apparently you are missing the green/magenta color splotches that are on what should be pure white snow (or dirty snow or whatever variant of white snow it should be).  This is not new. Even the cat you had posted in a flash shot a while back had exactly the same problem. Photos I took with a dp2m also had this problem at low Iso a bit (some shots). Lin Evans posted one of his first shots here which also showed the problem.

My dp2 virtually never had this issue at low iso  I am hoping maybe Sigma can fix this in a future version of SPP.

Each camera has its own strengths, and a general comparison like this makes little sense. The SD14 and especially the SD15 are nice for faster write times and - in the case of the SD15 - a wonderful buffer for raw. The SD1 has just spectacular detail, which translated into amazing printed images at any size up to A0. Even at smaller sizes, this is true: set the image for 720 dpi and print away.

but we are taking about image quality. Surely one would expect the new Foveon to be unequivocally better.

In terms of noise, that is more of a processing issue. Detail, however, cannot be processed in.

the issue is not the typical noise per se but the magenta/green splotches- or "Foveon noise"- the color constancy issue. Not too trivial to process out depending on the photo.

Shooting a wedding professionally and having to watch for this is a nightmare.

michaeli wrote:

I found that there are more purple and green noise in the dark area of the images of the SD1m than that of the Sd14 when both in low ISO (ISO 100). Is the noise related to the Dynamic performance or is that just little purple fringes caused by lenses?

I think SD1m should have better dynamic performance than SD14, what do you think?






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