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Re: I agree regarding diffusers

DecibelPhoto wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

Lawrence Keeney wrote:

I really like the results from this lighting setup.

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Thanks. I was pretty happy with the results.

Here is a picture somebody sent of a setup they used for shooting jewelry. It's very similar to my "tent of seamless paper" setup:

That setup uses hot lights. You could substitute a pair of speedlights pretty easily. For use with speedlights I'd probably use rip-stop nylon rather than seamless paper since it would eat less light. You'll need a large-base light stand and a couple of boom arms, plus a bunch of clamps.

Pretty sure those are Profoto strobes with barndoors and grids attached, not hotlights.

I guess you're right, they do look more like strobe heads, don't they?

If it were me I would not use the barn doors. You want a soft-edged light on the diffuser that fades away to black. Barn doors would create sharply defined borders on the light spot, which you do not want. The bright spot on the diffuser is what determines the shape of the highlights, and I found that a highlight that feathers away to black is best.

I put 60 degree reflectors on mine and put them very close to the diffuser. I sometimes put a second diffuser in front of the main diffuser to further soften the edges of the bright spot.

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