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John M Roberts wrote:

I wasn't interested in the capability of setting back the mileage of a camera and hope a way isn't easily possible. I was't clear enough in my question. I had the impression that not all cameras reveal their total history number of shutter release and that's what I meant that B&H offered the service to reveal that number.

I've never heard of a Nikon dslr that doesn't always have the total shutter count in the EXIF info. Not all EXIF readers will display the total, but it is there. IIRC, there are even a couple of web sites that will give you the shutter count if you send them a JPG. I don't know if B&H offers that service, I've never heard of it and would be surprised if they did.

So I may be totally without understanding but if one resets their File Number Sequence as you suggest, where do you then look for the shutter release history after your files have been reset? If someone had reset it in the camera you received, then where in the information is the history? Sorry if it's obvious and I'm missing it.

The reset doesn't affect the total shutter count. It only affects the file name and number. When I reset mine, the file name now reflects the same number as the total shutter count. But, that's only good up to 9999.  Even before it was reset, the EXIF info has a line for the total shutter count.

You shouldn't have any issues finding the total shutter count in the EXIF info, you only need to use an EXIF reader that will display the info. Opanda and Irfanview are 2 programs that I know will display both the file name and the total shutter releases. I think that all of the later versions of Photoshop will also display that info, but I don't recall for certain.  I always use Irfanview to find stuff like that.

Hope that clears it up for you.


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