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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

Hi John, I've been giving Silverfast a try for the last hour or so and here is what I have found:

Got off to a good start in that it accepted each film strip I gave if for the first half dozen or so of random strips from random packs of 36 (though I had to try each strip several ways around before it took it).  On a couple of cases I could not get Vuescan to accept the same strip which was interesting.  Sample size perhaps a bit too small to read too much into this, but it does seem to reflect your own experience with Vuescan v Silverfast.

Whenever a strip was accepted the Silverfast picked it up - no problem recognising the strip was there.

Then started to get strips it wouldn't accept at all.  On inspection of the strips I cannot see anything to suggest why some were being accepted and some not.

Most curiously, I have still not managed to the feeder to accept a strip the right way up - ie with the shiny film base side up and the emulsion side down as directed in the manual!  Now, Nikon service say that it won't matter which way up the film is, and I have not reason to doubt this, but I would be very interested to know which way up your coolscan is accepting the film, and if both ways do you notice any degradation in quality when you scan the "wrong" way?  Hoping you can tell me.

Overall its not really workable as it is for whatever reason so will send it to at least be checked (could no doubt benefit for a good clean if nothing else - its being doing nothing but gathering dust for some years).  I know from the manual that strips with odd cut ends etc won't be accepted but I can't see anything I could do to improve the strips that are being rejected and more to the point can't see how they differ in any noticeable way from similar strips that are being accepted.  There also isn't much room to experiment without cutting into the frames (each strip has four frames by the way not six as I previously said - my counting error).

Thanks again John for you help, it is very much appreciated.

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