Are the current Fuji prime lenses future-proofed

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Re: Life span

JakeB wrote:

EdwardWeston wrote:

Digital tech these days I think one should look at any camera and lens system like a computer or tv. DVDs are still made but now you have blu ray. Blu ray won't last long because now you have cloud systems.

i would say any camera body you buy today will have a 3 year life span before upgrading. You might move from your canon system over to Fuji and such. Lenses have a longer lifespan. Main thing here is mounts.

so I agree. Buy it like a computer or car. get the use out of it and your most likely gonna upgrade something that will require all new thinking.

That new sensor in 2016 is so amazin. The new lenses out perform and now match the quality of the new 2016 sensor it doesn't pay not to buy into them.

I think you're missing the point. There is a clear flaw in the current Fuji X system, not just compared to an equivalent dslr system, but also to the Olympus OM-D EM5 system when it comes to AF speed.

The new Fuji X100S has, by all reports, MUCH FASTER auto focusing, and clearly this tech will migrate to the X-Pro 1 and X-E1.

It is then a legitimate concern for someone investing heavily in an entire collection of lenses when in the near future new versions of these cameras appear with much faster AF, if this expensive lens system acts as a bottleneck i.e. has lenses which cannot take full advantage of this AF speed.

Once that dslr-level (or more importantly OM-D EM5) level of autofocus speed is achieved, then it stand to reason those lenses would represent a long-term investment.

Blithely suggesting "just replace all your lenses every three years" is not an economic reality for many people. The OP's concern is legitimate.

Thank you for this. You have articulated my concerns very accurately and succinctly.

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