Is the battery for the Olympus SZ 31MR iHS charged in camera or is there a separate charging unit?

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Henry Falkner
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SZ-31MR battery charging

I have the SZ-30MR which uses the same Li-50B battery. The battery charges internally, but I also have the external Olympus charger:

The black block is functionally the same as that which came with your camera - it will also charge your camera directly via the cable supplied with your camera.

However, for external charging this is an expensive solution. I have just ordered an external dual USB charger for about US$ 15.- including shipping.

About the battery consumption - On my SZ-30MR I needed 9 charges for 6.8 hours of video during a recent (Morris) dance tour, which allows for all the time that the camera was on, waiting for me to start the next take. This is consistent with the consumption last year, and that of my Stylus 9010 using the same battery during the previous 2 tours.

If your SZ-31MR consumption seems excessive - look through the menu to see what is on that you don't normally need, such as 'PwOnSetup', Sounds, the Image Stabiliser and the AF Illumination.


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