Recommendations for all-around weather-sealed m4/3rds lens

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Re: Recommendations for all-around weather-sealed m4/3rds lens

BingoCharlie wrote:

bowportes wrote:

If you move from the 14-45 to the Olympus 12-50, you'll have a lens that adds weather sealing and does macro, but is not as sharp as your 14-45

Are you sure it's not as sharp? I see that claim repeated around here a lot, but it frankly seems to come down to which copy of which lens you get.

There's always sample variation, but then there are averages. Maybe the claim is repeated a lot because many have experienced surprise at how sharp the Panny 14-45 is, and not as many feel the same about the Oly 12-50. ... Averages.

DPreview hasn't reviewed the 12-50 like it has the 14-45, but some other sites have done both. (And we have to expect that manufacturers send good copies of their lenses to lens reviewers.) Compare the sharpness tests on the two lenses at, for example, where they aren't even close.  I doubt that this is simply a reflection of a bad copy of the Olympus lens.

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