Have my Canon FF compatriots tried a Fuji X camera?

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Re: Have my Canon FF compatriots tried a Fuji X camera?

I was playing with an XE1 with the Zoom (and some other lenses) at the Societies show yesterday.

Ten sec summary:

The EVF doesn't like moving the camera around much, although I found I could live with it. The lag/tearing might annoy others.

The high ISO quality is very nice (I put a card in it and took the shots home, mix of ISO 1000 and 2000).

The AF is still quite slow in indoor light some of the time. This would probably stop me getting one. Nothing more annoying that interesting stuff happening and the camera is playing "hunt the focus".

Plus don't forget, no long lenses.

Other suggestions to think about:

NEX6 with 16-50 pancake

Olympus OMD E-M5 with Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 lens

Sony RX1 - might need a lottery win though, amazingly small but I think also needs one of the viewfinders (the Sony EVF or an optical one - the Sony one is expensive and other options exist)

Fuji X100S - can't change the lens but I did like the one I played with, well other than the fixed 35mm lens that is...

Canon EOS-M - although in no EVF and Slow focusing mode again.

Oh, and the Fuji guys at the show were great, many thanks for all the help.


P.S. Main camera is 5DmkII, also have a RX100 and a Panasonic GF1, although need to replace the latter with something that's better at the ISO rises... A Panny GX2 with the GH3 sensor would do nicely, except it doesn't exist yet.

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