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Kerry Pierce wrote:

John M Roberts wrote:

Is it always possible to know the total shutter count? It doesn't seem Nikon is resetting them before they go out but if they do is their a way to tell. I heard but don't recall exactly that there are some apps to do this and also that B&H provides it in some cases?

AFAIK, only Nikon has the capability to change the total shutter count and I've never heard of them changing it, or the other special info, like the serial number and other unique maker info. I've also heard that there was some pirate software that would do change the shutter count, but I could never find it.

I haven't heard that B&H would do it and would be surprised if that were true. Henry Posner would know about that, if you'd care to ask him.

If such a thing existed and was easily found, that would mean the end of the usefulness of the shutter count info on a used camera. Changing the shutter count to a lower number is probably illegal in some jurisdictions, akin to running back the odometer on a car. So I rather doubt that any reputable company would do that.

Of course, there may be some repair items that have to change out the chip where that info is stored, but I have no idea what happens in a situation like that.

If you get one with a high shutter count, make sure that you reset the counter in the menu, custom setting d5 File Number Sequence = Reset. You want to do that in case the someone put in a memory card with a high number in the current folder, which temporarily changes the numbering sequence to whatever was on the card.


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I wasn't interested in the capability of setting back the mileage of a camera and hope a way isn't easily possible. I was't clear enough in my question. I had the impression that not all cameras reveal their total history number of shutter release and that's what I meant that B&H offered the service to reveal that number. So I may be totally without understanding but if one resets their File Number Sequence as you suggest, where do you then look for the shutter release history after your files have been reset? If someone had reset it in the camera you received, then where in the information is the history? Sorry if it's obvious and I'm missing it.

Thanks for your continued help.

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