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Hi Richard,

Unfortunately, that's not the way it generally works with large companies. There are, of course, exceptions, but in general this is what happens. There are "skunkworks" projects in numerous large corporations, but politics very often gets in the way of implementation.

The primary problem, as I've witnessed over the years, is that to implement new and "different" technology, many established "processes" must be broken. This causes repercussions down the chain of management where "ego's" get bruised and all manner of "roadblocks" are thrown up in attempts to thwart the success of the "upstarts."

In most cases, the new and different technology gets trampled and never achieves fruition. On the other hand in small corporations, ideas can be ironed out in face to face meetings with all principals in attendance. The project then can get the green light and be quickly implemented as finances allow. Of course limited finances mean that many of these upstarts fail before achieving product launch where in larger corporations the losses can be absorbed. But when, in the few cases where new ideas and technology are actually brought to market, it' up to a marketing team to make it last long enough to catch on with the potential buyer. I see the Foveon processor being finally accepted by major players for its strengths. In a major corporation, the probability is that it would never reach the hypothetical you proposed because it would be perceived as "confusing" the market.

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Richard Franiec wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:


One would think that the biggest players on the market with their technological know how should be better suited to figure out the optimum for any sensor technology. I can only imagine that behind the scenes countless "boutique" projects are going on all the time.

Well, my question was theoretical, of course and should be treated accordingly.

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