Tired of talking about D600 dust/oil/whatever

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Re: No one is obligated to talk about it....

I agree I think eno would like us to list all our experinces here. Joking.

But on a serious note. If this was herpes, Eno gets one cold sore once in a while on his lip and some of us have it all over our body. He wants us not to complian cause he puts a cream on his one spot and tells us just to do the same. How is that for an analogy? also maybe he gets it once every 6 months and some of us are breaking out daily or weekly. Sorry I got tired of the car oil analogy. This is a gear forum and peope will talk about this and it may be a hot topic just as the left focus is and issues of past. Good thing that we can selectively read and respond to what matters to us. I hope eno can refrain from breaking his no internal dust/lubrication fast.

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