Camera Strap Advice for an A57

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Re: Camera Strap Advice for an A57

I have an older carry speed strap. It has the metal plate on the bottom that includes a mount for a 'hand' strap similar to the Sony wrist strap that mounts on the vertical grip.

Usually, I carry the camera, hand in the strap holding onto the body. With the hand strap, if I put my fingers out straight, it holds the camera on my hand. And I commonly carry it like this without using the carry speed sling. But when I'm going somewhere that I need my hand free and might not have somewhere to put the camera down, I put the sling on it.

Using the sling or the strap, having the camera bounce against me really bothers me. It's less bothersome with the sling a little tight and put the camera a little behind me. And I've been looking at that joby strap, but I'm not too sure about it.

Now that I have a vertical grip, I don't mount that hand strap on the carry speed mount, and it's really in the way using portrait mode. But, my understanding is the A57 doesn't have one available so it's not really something worth worrying about.

And my version of the carry speed has no buckles on it. Only the one adjustment for the strap length, and there's nothing fast about it. But I'd really kinda recommend this, having had a buckle on a bag fail before (from a manufacture with a decent reputation for quality, the buckle didn't break, putting it on it just failed to snap closed when I was in a hurry and didn't notice).

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