Epson 3880 - which utilities to run when first setting up printer?

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Re: Made my own 3880 cover for $3.

GMack wrote:

Went to a fabric shop and bought a yard of clear 10 mil vinyl as used for seat covers for $2.99. Cut a 30x48 inch piece out of it. Then cut a 9 /34" square out of each corner so it would fold down over the printer. Voila! An Epson 3880 cover! Sort of surprised on how good it turned out too for maybe an hours worth of work.

I 'll add that I did allow for a one inch overlap on each corner's cut out for a tab so I could fold it under the side (i.e. end pieces). The stuff is pretty clingy to itself as it came wrapped in tissue. Reminded me of a thick Handi-Wrap. I used some vinyl clear adhesive to glue the flap to the ends to make it a big box to cover the printer. Might not be necessary as it really is clingy stuff. Vinyl tape might also work with it if glue isn't handy.

It touches the top of the stand when covered its on so it pretty much is sealed. Plus, I can see the power light and turn it on or off through it too.

I did see they also had some colored vinyls with some soft underside as used in some restaurants as well if you want something different.


Mack, I use the large heavy mil Black trash bag (as received which is rectangular) with no modifications for all my Printers, Monitors, and also all Amateur Radio Equipment.

When they get slightly dusty, I change to a new bag and use the replaced bag for it's normal intended use of trash.  Works well and very low cost and is a perfect match for the many units of Black Equipment.

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