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Seeking more info about Charlie Waite

Apologies to all if this seems a bit off topic. I saw the reference to Charlie Waite and checked out his Website. I was most impressed by the scope of his work--stunning landscapes, the majority of which are shot in the 1:1 aspect ratio.

I'm intrigued and want to find out more about the man, his body of work, and his techniques. But the Website provided precious little information about Waite's shooting techniques or his tools of choice.

From what I read on several previous posts on this thread, Waite is a representative for Panasonic. Am I correct to assume, since this is a Panasonic compact camera forum, that he uses high end Panny point and shoot cameras like the LX5 and LX7, or does he shoot with Panny MFT equipment? I'd appreciate whatever supplementary info WRT to Waite that anyone can post here, as well as references to other Waite links (besides the aforementioned Website that includes his gallery and details about his print sales and classes.)

Thanks in advance.

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