Why was every shot at f/5.6?

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Re: Why was every shot at f/5.6?

pavi1 wrote:

Bing Chow wrote:

I don't know how people shoot RAW and like what they get of out camera.

Picture controls. They can all be tuned to your taste. On some cameras you can even create your own.

Then you download, crop, level horizons, select all, click convert to jpg. If you got lucky and got the " money shot" you have the NEF, not a jpg shot vivid when something else would have been better.

I see. I have never done it that way. I'm the kinda guy that wants to know what "vivid" or "landscape" or "portrait" does exactly so I can fine tune it the way I like. There's a hundred presets built into LR4 but I don't touch them. I enjoy PP so I spend a lot of time on the pictures I really like.

I see PP as an integral part of the workflow. You still need the right composition, lighting, subject matter, timing to make the image in camera and on location. For me, photography continues on in front of the computer.

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