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Re: DSLR AF Video "Dirty Little Secret"

In professional use "double-system sound" is used. This means the sound man uses not only an external mic but also an external sound recorder (Google 'Nagra') to record sound. These used to be "tape" recorders but have now largely been replaced with digital units that record the sound on a card.

The internal camera sound is not used at all.

Later, in post-production the camera video and the externally recorded sound are "synched" together for editing.

When you see behind-the-scenes shots you'll see a sound assistant holding up a "slate" or "clapper" in front of the camera. This makes an audible sound and frame reference on both the video and the external sound recorder that is used for the 'synching" process.  You'll remember in the old days the assistant holding the clapper and saying something like, "Rolling.  Scene 5, Take 3."  Then he slaps the top half of the clapper down onto the bottom half making a sharp cracking sound that is seen on video and heard on the recorder.

So, welcome to the "dirty little secret" of DSLR video production - AF is actually worthless in the real world because of internal noise unless you are simply going to "dub" other sounds or music over the footage.

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